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[Round 4] Sao Paulo E-Prix 16 Mar 2024

Sao Paulo Street Circuit

With three long straights connected by tricky chicanes, sweeping corners and tight turns, the circuit for the inaugural race in São Paulo is expected to be a challenging affair for the pack, with high speeds anticipated from the all-new high-powered Gen3. Starting on the the main straight that's usually reserved for carnival floats and revelry, there will be a different type of dancing as the drivers put their toe tapping to use on the brake pedals into the series of sharp turns, that feed to a looping hairpin that fires the field down the straight. This straight is broken up with another challenging right-left-right series of corners to another long straight. The final sector sees more passing opportunities in the run to the finish line.

Sao Paulo Street Circuit

The Sao Paulo Street Circuit is a newly created urban circuit for the first ever Formula E event held in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. The track is 2.93 km long and features a large portion of the existing IndyCar circuit.

  • Length

    2.93 km

  • Turns