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Formula E Season 10, A Fast Sprint with iON

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, which held its historic debut as the world's first electric formula car race and zero-emission motorsport in 2014, has reached its 10th season in 2024. Throughout history, the number 10 has held various meanings and symbolisms across different historical, religious, and cultural contexts. Professor Otto Betz from the University of Hamburg, Germany, described 10 as ‘the number of completion and boundary’ based on an anecdote from the Pythagorean school in the book ‘The Secret of Numbers.' In Tarot, the number 10 signifies ‘completion’ and ‘completeness of the cycle’ and heralds new possibilities. Reflecting on the significance of the number 10, let's explore some of the key highlights in this, the 10th season of Formula E.

  • Formula E is the world's first electric formula car race series. Last year, the third generation (GEN3) race car and Hankook Tire's iON racing tire made its debut.

Hankook Tire's iON racing tire, selected as a technical partner and tire supplier last year, greatly contributes to the enjoyment of watching Formula E, known for close competitions and unpredictable outcomes. Unlike conventional racing, where tire selection varies between hard and soft compounds and is tailored to wet and dry track conditions, Formula E emphasizes sustainability in electric car racing by using one tire of type for all races. This approach aligns with the sport’s environmental ethos while maintaining the competition’s unpredictability and intensity.

This season, coinciding with the debut of the Formula E 3rd generation (GEN3) race car, the race has showcased its most impressive performance of all time, enhanced by Hankook Tire’s iON which has contributed to a thrilling competition from the beginning. Even on Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez Circuit (Round 1) in Mexico City which has large daily temperature differences and a difficult configuration as it is an alpine area over 2,200m above sea level, and Diriyah City Circuit (Rounds 2 and 3) in Saudi Arabia which is slippery due to the fine sand dust, the iON racing tire has proven its excellence in challenging conditions and provided consistent traction and handling allowing the Formula E drivers to demonstrate their skills.

The first round of this season's Formula E was held on a circuit in the highlands of Mexico City.

Pascal Wehrlein, from the Tag Heuer Porsche Formula E Team, who secured a victory at the 2024 Hankook Mexico City E-Prix, the opening race of the season, expressed his gratitude immediately after the race saying, “Thanks to the excellent performance of the Hankook Tire iON, I was able to beat many competitors and win the championship.” Wehrlein praised the iON’s performance saying, "Even though the race was extremely difficult at every moment from the preliminary round to the final, the tire grip was maintained in excellent condition." Similarly, Jake Dennis from Andretti Formula E), winner of the first day (Round 2) of the 2024 Diriyah E-Prix doubleheader also said, “Thanks to the excellent grip of the Hankook Tire iON, I was able to achieve a great result in a race that was time-sensitive.”

Hankook Tire's iON racing tires respond to both dry and wet roads while providing the best performance with superior traction and durability.

Formula E is constantly evolving to improve race performance and spectator enjoyment. FIA has been preparing race car updates while conducting competitions with the 3rd generation race car that was on debut in the 9th season. The Formula E GENBETA race car, unveiled last summer, achieved a top speed of 218.7 km/h in the Indoor Land Speed Record category, a new Guinness Book of Records achieved as well as an event where drivers compete to record the fastest speed on the final straight section of the ExCel London track. This is more than 50 km/h faster than 165.2 km/h in 2021.

The new GENBETA race car features four-wheel drive, activated by the front powertrain in certain scenarios, and boasts aerodynamic improvements thanks to 3D-printed aero parts made with sustainable thermoplastic solutions. Above all, Hankook Tire's newly developed soft compound iON racing tires provide a faster warm-up and improved peak grip. These improvements are expected to reduce lap time ultimately. For reference, Formula E Season 11 in 2025 will feature a more dynamic race with the 3.5 generation (GEN 3.5) race car.

In addition, a key feature adding to the fun of Formula E is the ‘Attack Mode.’
This system, used not only for overtaking but also for defense strategies, grants an additional 50 kW of power in addition to the standard power of the race car when they pass a certain section by intentionally leaving the record line for the fastest track. Unlike regular races where the pole position earned in the preliminaries is almost always carried over to the finals, Formula E creates a more dynamic and exciting race thanks to ‘Attack Mode’. This element keeps spectators engaged as they don’t want to miss a beat in this unpredictable race.

For its milestone 10th season, Formula E is preparing to implement another unique system known as ‘Attack Charge’. This system will allow race cars to recharge 4 kWh of electrical energy using a fast charger in about 30 seconds after entering the pit during the game. There has not yet been an official announcement from the FIA, however, according to a reputable motorsports magazine, Attack Charge is expected to be linked to the existing attack mode and will be introduced for the first time at the Misano E-Prix in Italy, scheduled as a doubleheader on April 13-14 this year. If Attack Charge becomes a reality, the pitstop strategy of teams and drivers will become even more important in Formula E, adding yet another layer of strategic depth and enjoyment for spectators.

Formula E race car exiting the pit.

New venues Tokyo, Misano, Shanghai

Formula E Season 10 will be held over 16 rounds in 10 cities in 10 countries, and a new host country stands out among them. For the first time, Japan was included in the Formula E calendar. Nissan which has a history of developing the first mass-produced electric vehicle for consumer sales is active in Formula E, however, it was difficult to predict that Formula E would be held in Japan, a market where hybrids are more mainstream than pure electric vehicles. However, Japan finally decided to hold the E-Prix, specifically in the crowded city of Tokyo. Indeed, this is an example that once again highlights the virtues of Formula E, which has no exhaust gas nor makes excessive noise.

  • This year, Formula E will be held in Tokyo, Japan for the first time. ©Shutterstock

China, which held its first E-Prix at the Beijing city circuit in 2014, has also been added to the Formula E calendar for the first time in a long time. China is a country that cannot be left out when discussing electric vehicles, as it is recording enormous market size, investment, and sales at the same time, but it had temporarily declined to participate in Formula E due to COVID-19. With two E-Prix taking place at the Shanghai International Circuit this season, veteran drivers with experience on this track are expected to demonstrate a great performance.

2024 Formula E schedule and host city.

Italy decided to hold a doubleheader race in Misano instead of Rome this year. The United States has hosted Formula E and changed the venues each time to cities including New York, Miami, Long Beach (LA), and Portland. This year, rather than change, it will once again be hosted in Portland, however, the difference is that it will be held as a doubleheader. Accordingly, this year a doubleheader will be held in six cities: Diriyah, Misano, Berlin, Shanghai, Portland, and London, one more than last year.

Hankook Tire, Formula E’s partner

Hankook Tire booth installed at 2024 HANKOOK MEXICO CITY E-PRIX.

Formula E’s ‘Girls on Track Program’ will be held at all E-Prix this season.

While Hankook Tire supplies the official tires for Formula E, it is also keen to actively promote this new electric vehicle race. First, the Allianz Fan Village, which anyone with a Formula E ticket can visit, doubles the enjoyment of the race by holding events such as interesting exhibitions and simple games for spectators to participate in. Hankook Tire plans to set up an iON booth with various themes at the E-Prix site this year.

The FIA operates the ‘FIA Girls on Track’ program for female fans aged 12 to 18 at each Formula E venue. Hankook Tire is also participating as a presenting partner, contributing to expanding growth opportunities for female talent in the motorsports field and nurturing drivers. This year, Girls on Track operates a full-game program, providing more girls with the opportunity to understand, learn, and experience motorsports across a wider variety of disciplines than last year.

Mono Mars, which has been collaborating with Hankook Tire since last season to share the joy of Formula E and the technology of iON Tires with motorsports fans around the world, is busy this season as well. Mono Mars, a virtual influencer born with the unique setting of a Mars exploration humanoid robot, is gaining great popularity among the MZ generation by presenting future-oriented content. This season, he was given the role of ‘iON Researcher.’ Mono Mars can be found on Hankook Tire Global’s official Instagram (@hankooktire.global) and YouTube channel.

We praise the synergy between Formula E, which emerged as a new global motorsports series and has grown dynamically, and Hankook Tire iON, which creates the high-speed running of this powerful electric formula car. It will be interesting to see who will take the podium in the next E-Prix and who will be crowned champion for the 10th season.